Online Christian Filmmakers Academy

The Online Christian Filmmakers Academy is for anyone interested in learning how to use the visual media for the glory of God. This is the same training we give students of our hands-on camp. 

When you purchase access to the only Christian Filmmakers Academy you get one year of access to the online training materials for all members of your household living in the same home.

Online Christian Filmmakers Academy

Get one year of online filmmaker training from a Christian perspective. Learn at your own pace in your own home.

•  Module 1 – The Camera 
•  Module 2 – Cinematography and Lighting 
•  Module 3 – Sound 
•  Module 4 – Pre-production 
•  Module 5 – Production

Includes bonus documents and templates, insider interview, quizzes and new content added throughout the year.


$299.00 USD